Legs to Die For

Legs to Die For is set in the “happiest place on earth,” but Christian doesn’t think so. His aunt has sent him to stay on his Danish grandfather’s farm, and Grandpa is strict. But when a dead body is found nearby,  Christian learns that his grandfather has a past. The young man decides to help the investigators solve the crime.

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The Pukeko

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The Pukeko

Fallen former New Zealand detective constable Gideon Cooper has trouble keeping his mouth shut, his ass sober, and his pants zipped. The last man he needs as a partner is by-the-book Maori detective John Winks. After all, Winks might discover Cooper’s secret—his own Maori heritage, one he’s kept hidden all his life. What Cooper needs most is another chance. So when a body is found in the New Zealand swamp and the Department calls him in on the case, he agrees. Murder, deception and politics are about to keep Cooper & Winks knee-deep in muck. The pukeko have found a way to survive in the bogs. Can this partnership do the same?

Sister Angela Series

L’Oro Verde

In the quiet hill country of Italy, Bernardo’s body is discovered propped up against the statue of St. Francis of Assisi in the medieval church where he once served as altar boy. Montriano Police Inspector Alessandro DiMarco asks Sister Angela, local teacher known for her detective work, to help solve the crime.

Under pressure by the bishop’s representative to keep the priest and patrons out of the investigation, the nun struggles to understand the victim’s relationship to the powerful families involved in the production of l’oro verde, the region’s famous olive oil; its green gold.

  Il Pane della Vita

When an explosion rips through a hermit’s cottage at a monastery in the Tuscan mountains, and hermit Brother Pietro disappears, neighboring monks believe they witnessed a miracle. The bishop’s assistant appoints Sister Angela to verify the ascension of the man of prayer so that he might be considered for canonization.

Excited by the prospect of a miracle, several brothers admit they saw the body hurtle heavenward. But none of them seemed to know him well enough to discuss his virtue or spirituality. When the nun questions his past, her efforts are hindered by the very Church that appointed her.

Chianti Classico

When an old nun kidnaps six-year-old Pia from an orphanage near Siena, Sister Daniela, temporarily teaching there, knows the searchers need help. She calls in old friend Sister Angela to investigate. Time is limited before the child will disappear completely. But the probe into a motive becomes complicated. Who’s the old nun and where did Pia, once left on a convent’s doorstep, come from?

Competition among the winemakers for the coveted label allowing them to sell Chianti leads to murder and mayhem among the rolling hills of Tuscany’s prized vineyards.

Winter Harvest

Left with the New England Shakers in the 1830s when her parents move
west, young Lucy learns to love her new family and accept the practices of
the celibate religious group—until Sarah, a teen indentured to them after her father dies, befriends her. The strict rules of the sect clash with those of the outside world. Murder and a forbidden romance disrupt the peaceful “garden” members have prepared for Christ’s second coming.

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